Hatha Yoga Principle Master

Monday, 16 November 2009 16:33 ADMMHSE


Dr. M. Raajamanikam D.Sc, PPN, PJK
Yoga Master, Yoga Bishekh
President Malaysia Pranava Yoga Therapy Centre

Learn, practicing and taught yoga for the last 39 years.
Have acquired and mastering in Silambam 'Martial Art of Indian'
The Open International University, Colombo, Sri Lanka have awarded Doctor of Science for complementary.
Have compile and written six books on yoga & health including one in English.
Salem, India Institute of Yoga has awarded Yoga Bishekh Title.
Having 15 branches of nationwide public yoga class.
Conducted more then 700 batches of yoga programme, for more then 10,000 yoga students including Malaysia & India. Students are from all around world.
Have been Organizing Malaysia Yoga Conference since 2003, which participate speakers and presented papers from UK, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia.

All our yoga instructors

Have been training yoga for minimum 5 years
Having minimum of Diploma in Yoga
Professionally pleasant personality
Have conducted yoga training for multi-racial group
Strictly observe and practice ANCIENT YOGA code of ethics
About 8 Yoga Instructors and its growing
We also able to provide only female yoga instructor for female's students

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