University California Venice Research

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Regulate right weight

Increased Hand steadiness

Increased Concentration

Increased EEG Alpha

Reduced Anxiety

Reduced Nervousness

Reduced reactivity to stressors

Increased memory

Increased respiratory efficiency and competence

Reduced depression

Reduced Health complaints

Increased flexibility

Increased intelligence quotient

Reduced oxygen consumption

Increased conflict resolution

Increased clinical assessment of psychiatric patients

Increased relaxation

Reduced mental fatigability

Reduced respiratory rate

Increased openness to experience

Reduced psychological complaints

Reduced muscular electrical activity (EMG)

Increased performance quotient

Increased lung capacity

Reduced defensiveness


Increased muscle tone

increased shift in sequence of ideas

increased breathe holding time

Reduced guilt


Increased fitness


Increased tidal volume

Reduced tension and instability

Students who did yoga 4 times a week which included 10 mins of breathing exercises, 15mins of warm ups and 50 mins of posture work.

After just 8 weeks of Yoga:-

  • muscular strength had increased by 31%
  • Stamina was up by 57%
  • flexibility had increased by 188% !!
  • Breathing capacities were also up by 7% which is very high for only 8 weeks of Yoga.

Source: University of California Venice 2002

Increased cardiovascular efficiency

Reduced hostility

reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure

Reduced submissiveness

Reduced heart rate

Reduced self-criticism

Increased blood flow

Increased assertiveness

increased immune system

Increased body image


increased self-esteem