Introduction of AYC

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ANCIENT Yoga was founded by Elanggovan & Shanmugam both are also founders of iSPEETS Group of Companies in early Nineties. iSPEETS as educational service provider in ICT industry both have been a corporate trainer for past 15 years for 10,000 and above participants. Our client’s including PROTON, SUMITOMO, Japan and Bridgestone Armstrong, German.

In addition, during the last 15 years, he have been managing a corporation into ICT Industry fot more then 90 staffs including Office in Malaysia, India, UK & USA. We have performed specialize methodology in handle human resources of all departments. In coaching individuals to control and concentrate the mind, enhance alertness, improve physical stamina, decrease stress, and find greater personal satisfaction in contributing professional working result in company.

For more then 13 years both of them have involve in attending ancient knowledge of Yoga and Meditation from world renowned scholars and also modern psychological techniques from USA & UK professional trainings on modern motivational skills. They have been practicing Kundalini Yoga Meditation since 1998. Since 1999 Elanggovan become qualify Healing Practitioner with body energy.

Especially extensive traveling of Elanggovan to countries like India, Thailand, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Brunei and Indonesia made him explore not only business for wealth but flown thru the various experience of human mind, culture, style of working and their concept of communication and the real state of mind which is individually unique.

Now he blended the best of corporate requirement and error free science base Yoga practicing as ANCIENT Yoga for corporate staff in Malaysia particularly and generally for all around the global corporation.

Prior to this foundation he has written a series of articles such as Meditation is Science (MIS), Science of Yoga for Success (SYS) and many more. His deep silence research made him not even yet publish any of those. Both of them truly discover the realistic issue resistant between many interested potential Yoga student and Yoga practice it self.

In supporting our national agenda and statement by a number of local authorities we also provide Yoga Instructor teaching in Malay language, as it is our national language.

Most of a situation query by potential yoga participant are if I learn yoga then I have to say or wish my religious contradictory mantras, god name, words (vocal vibration), seeing the image & statue, learning history which not related to my culture and many more related doubt. It’s from Meditation & Yoga born other Indian cultural. This ancient knowledge born at edge of non-religious millennium which was they called as ‘Dharma’ Millennium which means Compassionate & Sharing of Knowledge Millennium. In this edge the original knowledge appear in the form of pure science, biological and universal and no theoretical comparison. Anything can be managed & measured means science. These reveal from highest state of consciousness with Un-Conditional Love ‘Dharma / Anbu’. In this new era everyone will understand direct actual scientific fact rather than imposing un-necessary belief system. We Ancient Yoga Consulting take you to the very original pure scientific knowledge.

For first time in Malaysia Ancient Yoga Consulting have been structure by eliminating the non-confirming info which is not the scientific fact of original Yoga from Indian Ancient Knowledge without compromising detail briefing real essence to participants.

About vocal vibration or words (mantras) wish internally or externally:
All original vocal vibration in ancient knowledge refer and confirming to Sound power level or acoustic power level is a logarithmic measure of the sound power in comparison to a specified reference level to tune our biological body and create right chemical reaction in brain to harvest highest advantages.

We only use vocal vibration ‘mantras’ which core and invented from n dB sound power fundamental for realizing specific benefits biologically. We have identified more then 70% of mantras are not original in Yoga and not invented by Patanjali Yogi and its un-necessary ad-on. All belief system, symbolic and catalyst kind of contents are removed and replaced with original truth scientific informative. Please refer to “About Yoga Topic for details”.

Thus we only practice, impart and trained explain from scientifically point of view hence we also call it as Science of Yoga for Success (SYS).

What actually yoga activity all about?
Asana (Postures)
Prana (Breathing)

We provide special discount or rebate for retired citizen, golden citizen, single father, single mother, special people (disability), OKU, welfare homes and NGO.

Happy Yoga!
Summary of research into the benefits of Yoga


To provide Yoga classes and workshops designed to increase employee productivity, mental and physical health, and well being for optimal workforce performance.


To channel our yoga knowledge to all man kind focusing corporate sector.


Yoga is a scientific discipline of removing or eradicating stress and tension at its source. All tension, both physical and mental, is stored somewhere in the body and true stress reduction is a matter of discovering how to release that tension on both levels.


ANCIENT has no philosophy. No interest in changing or replacing the ideas you and your corporate have in mind by another set of ideas. We only aim is to bring about a complete transformation.

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