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Series of Self Super Conscious Interaction (3sCi)

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Greeting to lovely readers,

Series of Self Super Conscious Interaction (3sCi)

Simple yet Most Powerful Self Realization Formula


Designed & Trained by Ancient Yoga Consulting Malaysia.

FIRST of ITS KIND Learning on Spirituality - New Perspectives and Applications for your daily life!
Instant Transformational Experiences possible.... Come attend and Realise it Yourself!

Weekly sessions, presented by Various Spiritual Teachers from ALL walks of Life, from ALL over the World, sharing various perspectives of life!  Moderated by Mahaguru.

It is ancient, authentic, pure Indian Vedic tradition based essences build to suite current over loaded lifestyle/schedules and uncertain availability in time, to be allocated towards experiencing the inner science of self-realization.  Experiencing through these series of weekly session is equal to students staying in an Ashram (Vedic School) for 24hours.

  • Original as it from oldest and integrated with Shiva Sutra, Yoga Sutra, Thirumanthiram, Thirukurral, Saptashati Chandi Sutra, Ancient Healing (Asthma Siddhi of “Prapti”), Kundalini Yoga Meditation, Kama Sutra Ethic (there is no sex or compulsory nude exercises), Mah?bh?raata, R?m?ya?aa, Rigveada, Yajurveda, Saamaveda, Atharvaveada, Upanishads, Vedanta and other Veda(s).
  • Six schools of Indian philosophy

o   Nyaya (Reasoning)

Thought is its methodology.

This methodology is based on a system of logic.

o   Visheshika (Physical sciences)

Schools of philosophy

o   Mimasa (Freedom through action)

Ritual, worship and ethical conduct

o   Sankhya (Framework of manifestation)

Levels of manifestation, consciousness

o   Yoga (Practical methods for direct experience)

Witnessing of your inner states

o   Vedanta (Contemplative self-inquiry)

Realization of one's true nature

o   Ayurvedaa (knowledge on life)

Important: all base 112 Tantra (techniques) of Super Consciousness

Duration: a cycle of 112 weeks (Each week will be initiated with 1 Sutra of 112)

Commencing for new participant: at any week

Requirement: Age above 21st otherwise special IQ/interview needed

Registration: Compulsory must be referred by current active student

Attendance: Recommended every week, yet it’s not compulsory

Choice: Student can stop & re-start at any week(s)

Group Contact Hours: Weekly estimated 2 hours in training centre

Optional: From time to time, additional sessions might be proposed to participants, for which attendance is not compulsory, and entirely upto you to decide.

Methodology: It’s life transformational experiences, which can be applied in your day to day life.  Its beyond ancient Indian gurukulam, and even zen monastery.

Other methods of communication: Via internet voice over or chat, email like Skype, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, ooVoo or there net when ever trainer available online with group of students conference talk or 1 to 1.

Fees: call us

Modules: Entire syllabus is customized base current moment of class.

Suitable for: All are welcome, as it provides a non-religious platform for you to become better aware of each individual perception about Self & Existence.

Advantages: Great understanding and taking responsibility for all major life route from family, financial(work/career), health, spiritual, emotion, intelligent and secre cosmic point of view.

Ethical & Professionalize Training

Objective: Experiencing Learning for the moment - Whatever the learning that is essential for YOU at this moment.

Venue, Day, Time: Call Us

Contacts: AYC 0129228619/0196199100, Malathy 0162020671 for latest update.







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