Secret of the Scene

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Secret of the scene

All the following article are back by thousand years old multi philosophical and metaphysic facts.  Even recent finding by NASA saying that contain of glucose within DNA of human body are similar with glucose module found from outer space air which thousand miles away from earth.  This bring us back to Vedic era of mind, body and soul related truth.

Here is another scientific fact relating modern science and Indian Siddhars research.  As I have mention much earlier the challenge statement to say Scientist are error testing platform till match and agree 100% with Indian, Tamil Siddhar’s Spiritual, Philosophy & Scientific principle. Within a year they proved it again.  On September 23, the team stunned particle physicists by saying they had measured neutrinos that travelled around six kilometres (3.75 miles) per second faster than the velocity of light, determined by Einstein to be the highest speed possible.

You can be from any part of world, any age be peace in mind with un-brooded thoughts borderless experience and stay tune, stay relax to read through this articles.

In this living world there are many un-answer questions.  Thousands of people remain in ocean of mud equal clarification further will lead to confusion and more new question.  Today lets choose the question millions in the world let it be east, west, north or south, regardless of education, status, cultural this question keep arising from time to time and yet no answer given so far by any experts or even spiritual leaders.  You might wonder what would be the question.

The question is:

Why this person he/she who is my own wife/husband/brother/sister/friend/… don’t understand me and giving such pressurize challenging relationship  till it’s become worse pain and critical emotion, mental torture to me?

The whole existence is TRUTH as IT according to unique experience by INDIVIDUAL MIND.  The entire experience is MAYA, illusion of certainty from faction of seconds in time, ATOM in size at speed of atom born and die in nature.

Analogy of typical matter; a large single mirror will reflect of your whole IMAGE as single unit as it.  The same large single mirror if brake into many piece and yet each piece also reflect whole IMAGE as single unit as it this time in EACH smaller piece of mirror.  The point is different piece of mirror will have miniature variance of image display.

Similarly entire existence is expansion, extension and evolution of a very same single piece of ATOM.  Scripture of one sense till five sense are plants and towards animals.  The human being endowed with additional faculty to think call 6th sense intelligent to compare, reason out, contemplate and comment.  The human beings are now back to circle to create mechanical and electronic device form of single sense towards higher sense machine.  As all machine/device invented to provide pleasurable helpful for human yet there a number of those invention does gives back side effect which even up to disaster level for human, nature and universe.  Traditional examples are software is good but virus software much good for security as guard originally.  Later on virus software become problem for its own computer industry.

The drama script written by the same individual soul with too fast for conscious mind to realize.  There is possibilities to trace back but need a dedicated practice of specific techniques.

Before I expose the most wondering fact let me give another typical scenario.  Let say in a town there is great karate master and always he will win the state championship.  Year by year no one wins him.  Suddenly this year onwards no one learn to participate the karate championship. Since there is no challenging fighter the event is cancel and no championship and no one win as well.  Year by year the particular master get inferiority complex because he didn’t fight anymore, he don’t win championship anymore.  Then he decide to open karate school to train new experts so that there is will be opponent fighter to organize the event to win the medals.  Master’s perceived and feel the medal is knowing his own status thus to recognize himself as karate master.

Exactly same manner when one single ATOM expended as everything it required its own flow of customized experience to self realize and recognize itself.  For the process fulfilling flow there requirement of consciously thought, for conscious thoughts to work it need 3rd dimensional physical body.  The moment Intelligent+Soul enter body it need breathing or live force.  From this stage emotion are part of complete cycle.  Emotion is the one of tool of self realization itself.  The process including self express, self realize for this to happen argument between two person or within groups are like fiber optic cable to get connect client back to server.  Since argument is key factor from soul level between souls each of soul will write their own drama’s script.  Script of talking communication cannot be done alone, thus each of soul will request other soul about the action of role, script to talk and play while in physical body level.  While writing this scripts soul are in virtual 4th dimensional level and above which doesn’t differentiate pain and pleasure.  The ultimate of script achieved self realization at any cost to anybody.  So when soul write it own scripts with other soul upon accepting it this become life experience in a stage call earth.  Let say the other soul A whom accept even to scold another soul B is actually making the soul A itself a blamable situation to allow soul B achieved the intended status call self-realization.

In the world experience the soul A will be categorized as not good person, bad attitude and many more negative brand.  But soul A just did formal request of soul B to fulfill dram scripts.

  1. The role only base on accepted scripts when you are in soul stage.
  2. The opponent role you like or hate it’s actually from your own attribute too.
  3. You are master of the role for it to be available in the mirror call world/universe.

The SOUL B request and accept the script because doesn’t differentiate pain and pleasure.  Where when role is play in 3rd dimensional MIND split the experience as two different parts.

Now you will understand why some did something to you which you don’t like it?

Great Souls!

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