Requirement to Teach Specifically; Objection on certain essences Mode

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If there is requirement that you need to learn something specifically for ENLIGHTENMENT then all knowledge created should be TEACH that’s impossible otherwise individual live for about 480 years++, because human age of average 120 years living period is insufficient; If there is any objection on some essences is can’t be thought/ or can’t be transfer or can’t be initiated by Living Enlightenment Guru to Disciple in express manner then none of religious, spiritual, Vedas, Sutra, Principles, Course, Training, Workshop required to be available for any human intellectual, humanity, compassionate development! Each Human Is Master by Them Self…

Initiating Ancient Healing of Prapti Siddhi is Siddhar’s Ability!
Initiating Kundalini Shakti to enable its fertilization at 3rd Eye Spots is perfect inner science…
It’s matter of each individual search, found, obtain, agree, harmonize, received these Initiation from Living Enlightenment Guru?
You can be in any stage of religious or spiritual practitioner experience and feeling instantly your own energy [Prana/Qi] Shakti and Awakening Kundalini Shakti [begin original intention of soul journey] is current century’s living human rights! What are you pretending not wanted to know all about is already innate within you.
For more details please:
Mrs Malathy 0162020671
Ms Vimala 0123220775

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