Absolute Silent Peace of SOUL is Ultimate Goal in Any Situation

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7 Year Boy & Circus Show

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7 Year Boy & Circus Show

There are a number of institutions in the world does offer the original core knowledge of yoga sutra which has to be fundamental base on Tamil 18 Siddhar’s from South India, Tamil Nadu.   Who formulated the entire universal essence for man kind?

Now a day even there is yoga training for 5 sense animal dogs & cats to gain the overall training and benefits.  Pity human being having 6th sense as faculty of divine gift and yet forcefully blocking the TRUTH detail knowledge of Yoga Sutra flowing thru.  If someone not learning at all the ancient art of breathing and relax silent fine.

These situation occur highly due to EGO of a specific individual who have learn the original ART of Yoga Sutra and start to teach other’s without crediting the original ART and Core Guru’s.  Either these people hiding the original truth or themselves have yet to obtain the core essences.

In broad manner yet these training may bring benefits up to certain level for student and participant who learning the ART and Technology of Yoga Sutra without knowing and mentioning origins and without impacting complete essence.

I would like bring about the following situation Where a 7 years old boy thought Circus is over!  Most time in earlier periods when Circus company going from one country to another before reach the Circus field to do natural promotion to the people and publics about the Circus will in show at their town the clowns and few smaller circus animals will do a part of circus as demo along the road or route by moving slow traveling.  When this boy get to know circus is coming in his town quickly went to his mother and ask for penny and mother gave him a pound.  He runs to just reaching circus team along the road and enjoy watching it.  There are some circus who throwing their hat and shown the hat to this boy, the boy thought the circus over and put his pound into the hat.  He so happy runs and jumps back to home.  When he comes back and meet his mother then only he knows that that’s just arrival of circus team and circus show is not even started yet and further more he paid the pound is about 2 times of real circus shows ticket cost.

“The mother also suspect may be the boy knowingly given the pound and enjoy just the passing by circus show on the road”

Almost all or 99% of world’s human development training institutional whom especially teach about stress, self mastery mind, body, soul, conscious, sub-conscious, un-conscious minds are doing breathing technique and meditation.  Especially when they talk about Un-Conscious mind which in modern world know as Delta level of frequency thought pattern then they are talking about theory part of it.  What about the TRUTH of Yoga Sutra base practical essences? We can save say this is about Kundalini Yoga Meditation!

All student’s and practitioner of breathing and silent or relaxation techniques if ever just from that demo level of training and practice can bring about so call such good results (if ever you achieved it at your level) then just once IMAGINE what will be your results if EVER you obtain the TRUTH as it in Yoga Sutra.  It’s highly philosophical, scientific, simple, safe, moral, ethic, legal and pure natural ART practically to be use by every living human.

Recall back the 7 year boy do you think he don’t know that that was arrival rally of Circus team or purposely he put his pound at the hat?  Food for thoughts.

Are you sure you don’t know that those are originally part of Yoga Sutra, Dyanam, Pranayama, Chakra, Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas, Tantra, Mantras, Yantra?  Or for some silly reason you pre-tend don’t know and learning from dot of original?  You just have to answer to your self not to anyone else.

It’s like a person who likes honey and yet saying ok let me eat by smelling thru nose the honey not by mouth to taste it!

All learning, practicing any part of psychological or silent technique and breathing for sure it has got root of Yoga Sutra.  When you learn with different name with limited essence is like traveling world while eye is tightly close with tour guide who can’t speak.

Are sure you willing to travel this manner that’s fine too.  You have absolute choice to choose!  You know what will be the experience?

Why and what makes you stop from breaking you barrier of your own MENTAL BLOCK?  The full real and complete TRUE AND TRUTH knowledge of Kundalini Yoga Meditation is about above the edge of single line!  Among 840,000 yoga posture, 100 over pranayama, 90 over Mudras, 39 over chakra, 108 over life spot, many Kriyas, many yantra, mantra, tantra the CORE and ULTIMATE essence of Yoga Sutra is Kundalini Yoga Meditation!

Only Own Mind Can Be Effect of Bondage or Liberation. By Mahaguru.

Dear compassionate intellects, flower of my heart and intelligent of the world! It’s time and space is ever ready come and obtain the finest core essences from well experience Mahaguru.

Compiled by Mahaguru for Spreading & Impacting Compassionate Knowledge.

Philosophy Insights of Financial Life

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Indians are loosing their identification…

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Indians are loosing their  identification with ancient invention, arts, spiritual, scientific enlightened essences, perfect pure knowledge.

India, Indian have contributed and are still continuously contributing to world’s entire knowledge of 64 major ARTS & SCIENCES.

Since time immemorial Indian Siddhar’s particularly from Tamil Nadu South India have continuously worked, created and invented world’s most wonderful, ever available, guarantee solution for wordily life as well inner self detachment experience(s).

Examples are in the area of numeric, architectural, geological, medical, energy level sciences, mind, body soul stages, about astrology, numerology, atoms, molecule, particles, karma, all level of conscious mind,  physics, metaphysics, biological, chemical, atmosphere, darkness, light, planets, solar system, galaxy as known and unknown universe existence secrets.  The list can go……..

There are many ancient as well pure modern Gurus / Siddhar.  The earliest of them are Saptarishi (Seven Rishi), 18 Siddhars (Highest Intellectually Evolvement in human form).  The seven Rishis are Vasiha, Bharadvja, Jamadagni, Gautama, Atri, Vivmitra, and Agastya.   The great 18 Siddhrs are Agastiyar, Nandi Devar, Thirumoolar, Bhogar, Konkanavar, Macchamuni, Goraknath (Gorakkar), Sattaimuni, Sundaranandar, Ramadevar (Yacop), Kudambai, Karuvoorar, Idaikadar,Kamalamuni, Valmiki, Pathanjali, Dhanvanthiri And Paambatti.  Each of them are said to have lived between 128 years and almost 4000 years and some up to few Yugas*.  Other great souls include Vallalar [Swami Ramalingam], Thiruvalluvar, Thirumullavar, Avvayaar.

There are reasons why all of those gurus, yogis, spiritual masters, medical health contributors, emotional health advisers have standard official Indian, Hinduism foundation, appearance, system and ethics. There are steps to be adhered to every time by disciples, students, gurus upon starting to learn and practicing those techniques for self as well others.

As Indians were a compassionate community, they allowed others to affect the original essences due to dis-identifying origin of the ART, sometimes not revealing the founder guru/siddhar’s name.  Some even go to the extent of saying that those techniques are universal, non-religious, non-Hindu, it i scientific and can be practiced by anyone.

From the compassionate point of view this is correct. But from the identification point of view, such behavior loses its original value. The inventor’s or founder’s name is forgotten and sooner or later other communities, races and religious groups start to claim those techniques as their own.  It’s a great sin then because the Indians are denying the heritage for the future generation of Indians!

Let’s talk about a specific Indian Art called Yoga Sutra!  Even though it is recorded as 5000 years old and written by Maharishi Patanjali Yogi, the original essence was created Yugas ago by the Siddhars.

Anyway, what’s wrong when a individual who learns yoga or meditation wishes to thank or greet those great souls who created them? In general, the principle of learning involves greeting and respecting the original teacher(s), inventor(s) of those knowledge or techniques. If we talk about any invention such as the electric light, the telephone, we  remember the inventors Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell respectively.

If the user of the electric light and telephone is not of the same religion or race as the  inventors, does it matter? They are not required to convert to religion and race of the inventors to use the light & telephone.

Yet, there could be a perception that one has to convert  to use the thousands of products/techniques/medicine  created by the ancient inventors/Siddhars/Gurus/Yogi/Energy Scientists?

I’m wondering why we should forget to acknowledge those Ancient Indian  men/women of wisdom? Why would a modern practitioner/student/disciple from whatever background regardless of colour, caste, creed, culture, race, religion, language,  and geographical location who want to learn the Indian Ancient Arts like Yoga not respect the ORIGINAL Gurus?

Why do those people from non-Indian background always want re-package, re-brand and re-name those ARTS to avoid accepting the origin of those Essences?

I want each individual to know from where they come to this world? Surely via 2 humans (1 mother and 1 father) .Now let’s challenge yourselves for the purpose of argument and say we ignore both parents and claim that our existence from some other medium (from rocks, earth, machine etc). Will that be sensible?

Hence the same argument holds here. I say by avoiding and hiding the origins of the Indian arts, scientific and spiritual essences, inventions and pure knowledge, you’re technically suppressing the wholeness and the complete benefits of any of the arts.  You’re in fact lying to yourself!

My kind request is this: just as you respect your own parents who become the medium to provide the biological body, I invite the human race to respect those such pure souls who in ancient times created those remarkable essences in the various faculties.

The ancient Indians created the arts for all but enough of letting go of the Identity of the original arts, essences of our Siddhars. To do means letting go of our Indian dignity, identity and not fulfilling the pure unconditional love and compassion for others!

Dear compassionate intellects of the world, be truly compassionate by giving the truth by identifying the arts you practice, the essences you teach, the techniques you use to do therapy regardless of where they are from.

Anyone out there claiming  copyright patents of those ancient knowledge like yoga postures, what are you trying to prove?

I challenge any of patent owner to come forward and tell that other Yoga users should not use it!

This is my compassionate comment for those who are involved in modifying Yoga and Practicing modern yoga by many names like hot yoga, water yoga and whats-so-ever yoga . It is an EXPLOITATION and deviates the ENTIRE Yoga Process and Benefits to become a disaster for the MIND, BODY & SOUL.

“The traditional definition of Asanas is very specific and does not particularly relate to physical exercise: According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra: ‘Sthiram, Sukham, Asanam’ which means ‘Asana is a body position and a state of being through which one can remain steady, calm and comfortable’” The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book One Verse 33


If we learn and practice the modified yoga by whatever name or style, it is like watching a Circus group marching while entering the town.  It is not even a stage show or demo and off course its not at all the complete original circus show!

When you modify yoga then it becomes exercise and can give a total opposite reaction in biological as well as psychological processes compared to original yoga practice.

Oxygen consumption is reduced It is increased
Respiration rate falls It is increased
Body temperature drops Tends to increase or in-stable
Muscles received minimum nutrition and organ received more Its reverse and body become flabby
Help harmonize the endocrine secretions, balancing emotions. None
Stimulate parasympathetic nerves Stimulate sympathetic nerves
Encourage co-ordination between body system and mind Tends to build up toxin in body
Develop inner awareness Does not necessarily do so

It’s for universal use but by ethic is identify the inventor the ancient scientist (Siddhars/Yogis/Gurus/Maharishi/etc), respect the inventor, greeting a wish of thank you to the inventor the souls the Siddhars & Yogis!

You will be blessing much multitude in higher quantum degree by the nature!

Compiled and written by Mahaguru

* Yuga meaning age refers to a period where the consciousness is fairly similar. Hindus subscribe to 4 Yugas of several hundred thousand years each. these are Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwapuryuga and Kaliyuga.