GOD Original Concept of Sciences become Blaming Point

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Originally GOD concept created by Indian Tamil Siddhars to reveal sciences of human anatomy (body=temple, endocrine gland=chakra=goddess) in form external image and object thus one self can perfect mind body soul towards highest intellectually evolve personnel. Now a days GOD become major BLAMING POINT for human’s irresponsible action as well non beneficial end result from own action & re-action. By Jugendliche Jongere Elan


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Its take purify heart, crystal clear mind & powerful energy of courage to say “I GOD” with what ever status of current life situation. All other substitute words just to hide oneself from responsible. By Elanggovan Thanggavilo founder of www.samadhiwithin69minutes.org


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First ever GOD created by human from stage of Indian Tamil Siddhar is Shivalingam almost thousands of years ago. There is can never by external another form of GOD beyond Own Self Conscious! All form of GOD utter by human is direct gross projection of Conscious Mind frequency wave. By Elanggovan Thanggavilo founder of www.samadhiwithin69minutes.org

Indian is Root of Enlightenment and as well Cause of People couldn’t Enlightenment

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All MASTERS are perfect as they are, I respect their contribution and knowledge share towards man kinds.  No would like to take PIN if its made from Gold and poke own eye?

Same goes here none of the so call specification or rules or definition for enlightenment can be valid any other living being be it human or existence.

Show me another Vallallar from any Vallalar Movement?

Proven Facts by Elanggovan

World’s best techniques and tools for enlightenment are from India, invented and imparted to others by Indians.

If Indian are teacher for Enlightenment, then Indian also cause of People couldn’t Enlightenment.

Lets see all the history of Spiritual Master, Spiritual Institutional from India:

Since 23.5.1867 upon Dharma shala founded can we have list from global of Vallalar related movement/spiritual centre if anyone become Ramalingam Swamy?

Since 1 May 1897 at Calcutta, Vivekananda founded the Ramakrishna Mission.
Can we have list whom any student/disciple become Swamy Vivekananda?

Since September 1939, in Madurai founded PARIPOORNA PARANJOTHIIN UYAR GNANA SAHBAI.
Cane we have list or minimum 1 name of any 2nd or any level of students become Mahan?

More spiritual leader name, institutional list can be obtain from public and google search.

There are thousands of master’s from India, world, achieved Enlightenment in each of their own ways.  Each of the master have given definition from own perspective.

All definition of Enlightenment is FACTOR for people/public/community couldn’t achieved Samadhi/Enlightenment stage!

Because Enlightenment is nothing to do with any master’s methods, style, rules, completion or definition list.

It’s Uniquely Unique for each existence in Universe.

More proven facts being compile by Elanggovan.